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  • Labour Preparation and Breathing Techniques
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  • Newborn Care
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We are with you in your Parenthood Journey

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    Choose Your Healthcare Provider

    You may wish to speak with friends and relatives to pick your doctor. Alternatively, searching online and in forums may be a good way to determine your options too!

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    Eat Well and Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

    Essential nutrients and prenatal vitamins such as folic acid will be key to keeping your pregnancy healthy. Folic acid reduces the risk of your baby developing neural tube birth defects such as spina bifida. It is not necessary to eat for two as too much calories may serve more harm to your body.

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    Consider Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

    It is recommended that you do a non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) from your doctor to know your risk of chromosomal abnormalities, there is an option for you to know your baby’s gender as early as 10 weeks too!

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    Seek Out Confinement Arrangements

    It is never too early to start sourcing for a confinement nanny or to plan for someone to take care of you and your infant after you deliver. After all, confinement is a period where your body gets to recuperate and you will need plenty of good rest.

1st Trimester

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that someone is growing in your body, someone who you are in love before even meeting her...

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    Maternity Insurance & Holidays

    You may wish to consider purchasing maternity insurance so that you start getting protection for mother and baby from Week 13 onwards.

    This is the best time to go for a short getaway before your bump gets heavier! Check with your doctor on suitability to travel.

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    Antenatal Classes

    Whether you are a first-time or n-time parent, the jitters are real when it comes to childbirth and newborn care. Attending our specially designed antenatal class can help you gain more knowledge on how to manage the labour, breastfeeding and other upcoming parenthood challenges.

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    Cord Blood and Lining Banking

    Cord blood and cord lining banking form an essential part of a child’s healthcare plan. Speak to a reputable and experienced service provider to understand more on how to safeguard these precious stem cells

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    Choosing your Delivery Hospital

    Some doctors may only deliver in one hospital, while others, many. Check on fees and opt to attend hospital tours so that you can understand the differences in service and maternity wards.

2nd Trimester

Dance to the tune and dress your bump!

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    Labour and Breathing Techniques

    Seek out professional help in dealing with labour pain through breathing techniques.

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    Birth Plan

    While it is important to convey your desired birth plan, it is also necessary to respect the medical viewpoints of your obstetrics doctor, do discuss with him/her during your appointment.

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    Mother and Baby Essentials

    It is time to purchase items such as breast pumps, diapers, milk bottles, steriliser, stroller etc. Consider visiting large baby events to get all you need, great deals

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    Hospital Bag Preparation

    Pack your hospital bag and refer to a useful list of items needed for the hospital stay. Remember to bring along a set of baby clothes with mittens and booties for your little one!

3rd Trimester

Getting ready for your big day and meeting the love of your life!

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    You will have the perfect food to nourish and protect your newborn in the first few days after delivery, this is called the colostrum, also called “liquid gold”. All mothers can breastfeed if they want to. Learn the right techniques, dos and don’ts from an experienced and qualified lactation consultant.

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    Confinement Period

    A good confinement meal plan and post-natal massages are great ways to dispel tiredness, post-pregnancy “wind” and water retention from your body. Do ensure that you get help to take care of your newborn and you get plenty of rest.

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    Taking Care of Your Newborn

    You should have already been exposed to the expert tips on taking care of your newborn, now is the time to put theory into practice, remember that practice makes perfect. Take your time in understanding your baby’s cues in feeding and sleeping. You may consider learning infant massage techniques and building sleep routines to help soothe your newborn.

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    Taking Care of Yourself

    Your physical, emotional and mental well-being are of utmost importance to the family – take heart that you have done an awesome job in delivering your new bundle of joy!

1st to 6th Months

Moment of Truth, Days and Nights filled with Love

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