Mental and Physical Preparation to Becoming a Parent

Weekly Antenatal Class

Join our Weekly Antenatal Class, a comprehensive four-session program covering pregnancy, childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding. Engage in lively discussions and practical demonstrations. Whether you’re a first-time parent or seeking to enhance your knowledge, our class empowers you with valuable insights and confidence for your journey ahead.

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1-Day Crash Course

Immerse yourself in our specially-designed crash course, packed with essential knowledge to prepare you for childbirth and the challenges of parenthood. Perfect for returning parents seeking a refresher or new parents with a hectic schedule, this crash course ensures you acquire essential skills over one intensive day.

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Pregnancy and parenting are areas that are both challenging yet delightful. The education of being prepared physically and mentally, labour and breathing techniques, newborn care and breastfeeding are all aimed towards empowering the parents to make the best decisions for both themselves and the baby. It's beneficial for first-time parents as well as those who may have specific concerns or questions about pregnancy and childbirth.

We recommend parents to enrol anytime after 18 weeks of pregnancy. If you are late in your pregnancy and cannot commit to the weekly sessions, do consider our specially crafted crash courses, where parents can gain valuable tips on labour and newborn care in one intensive session!

The topics covered are essentially the same, except that the crash course is more suitable for those seeking a quick refresher or busy parents when they are unable to commit to the weekly sessions.

For the weekly sessions, each class typically lasts approximately 3 hours, spread over 4 sessions. The crash course spans approximately 8 hours, inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break.

We recommend bringing a notebook and pen for taking notes, as well as any questions or concerns you may have. Comfortable and stretchable attire is advisable to ensure ease of movement during the sessions. Always a good idea to have a good meal before attending your class.

We generally do not offer refunds or rescheduling for missed classes. We encourage parents to carefully consider their schedules before committing to the classes. However, if you have a valid reason for missing a session, such as a medical emergency or unavoidable commitment, you may email us to request a case-by-case review for the possibility of rescheduling or a refund. We will assess each situation individually and strive to accommodate your needs whenever possible. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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