Baby Care Workshops


We encourage parent-baby bonding through physical touch. This program will equip you with proper techniques and skills required at various stages of baby’s growth and development. Babies can also find relief for colic and digestive problems from massage.

Bonding Through Touch & Music

Bonding Through Touch & Music” is a fun and specially crafted baby massage course by Dr Wong. This course includes model and special touch techniques coupled with movement and music to further enhance your baby’s developing journey.

Sleep Training

Set the stage for successful sleep training with practical tips.

First Aid

Children under two are at risk of choking, especially when they are teething. Saving your child’s life starts from prepping yourself with the knowledge and first aid skills.

Baby-Led Weaning To Solids

Introducing solids to your baby represents a major milestone in his growing up years. Look forward to gaining simple and useful ways for your baby’s transition period with this specially crafted workshop.

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