Baby Sleep Safety Tips from our Founder, Dr Wong Boh Boi

Tip 1: Lie baby on flat medium-hard mattress with back of the head tilted slightly to the side.

Tip 2: Sleep in the same room but avoid sharing bed with parents

Tip 3: Important and always taught in class Use a swaddle and apply the correct technique

Tip 4: No pillow, toys or objects in the baby cot

Tip 5: Always burp baby after feed and avoid overfeeding as it increases risk of vomiting.

Some mummies often ask if they can use special pillow, sarongs or “yao lan” to treat flat head. Use of pillow is not ideal for newborns until the neck is well-developed. It is also natural for baby to turn side to side when their neck gets stronger. On top of that, it is not ideal to use sarongs as it hinders spine development in babies and it may become a bad sleeping habit.

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