Mini Interview with our Founder and Senior ParentCraft Consultant, Dr Wong Boh Boi

11 June 2019 – As most of you may have heard about the recent news report on possible mishandling of baby, we were extremely appalled by what happened and decided to interview our founder, Dr Wong Boh Boi for her expert views immediately so that this will not happen to another baby again!

Breastfeeding and its intrinsic benefits

Experts usually recommend breastfeeding your baby exclusively for the first 6 months after birth. Many people think that this is beneficial for the baby only.

Importance of going for antenatal class

Preparing for childbirth in advance is a guaranteed way of ensuring you always have control of the situation throughout your pregnancy. Antenatal classes are by far, the best place to get valuable information on how to prepare for your baby’s arrival, the best breastfeeding methods, and generally, how to best look after your newborn.

Preparing for Your Delivery: 5 Must-Do Things

Pregnancy and childbirth are one of the most special times for any woman. As such, being adequately prepared for when you are going to deliver is going to save you a lot of hustle, especially if you are a first-time mother.

Expert sharing from Dr Wong BB: 5 fundamentals of breastfeeding in lie-down position

Infant safety is of utmost importance when breastfeeding in bed. Our founder, Dr Wong Boh Boi emphasizes good grasp and understanding of the breastfeeding techniques and shares her top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in the lie-down breastfeeding position!

Potential Complications During Pregnancy

Several complications are associated with pregnancies. However, some women have it enjoyable and easy, while others are faced with various challenges although the risk it not high. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first-time mother or whether you’ve handled a series of pregnancies. Each new pregnancy has its own experience, which is usually different from the previous one.

Child Birth Options – Natural vaginal delivery vs Caesarean section

There are two ways a mother can deliver her child– normal vaginal delivery, or through a surgical procedure called caesarean section, commonly known as a C-section.

Generally speaking, C-sections are meant for deliveries when going through a normal vaginal delivery is deemed to be risky. Therefore, a pregnant mother would know in advance if she is undergoing a C-section. For example, if she is expecting multiple babies, or if she has a medical condition such as placenta previa, that causes natural delivery to be risky. More recently, with your doctor’s professional advice and discretion, it is now possible to have a C-section as your preferred birth option.

Use of Cabbage Leaves and Cold Gel Packs to Reduce Breast Engorgement


Breast engorgement is one of the common problems experienced by mummies after the birth of their child. It is the feeling of tightness in your breast, which can result in hardness and pain. There are multiple theories behind this phenomenon, and the most popular belief is that there is an increase in milk production. If you have it, you are not alone. In fact, studies have found that 20-70%1,2 of women experience breast engorgement.

The Pregnancy Checklist

The second you learn that you are expecting is always a moment filled with immense joy for both you and your partner. To help you enjoy a healthy and smooth pregnancy, a pregnancy checklist will come in handy. It will help you work out details well in advance, avoiding last-minute rushes. Here are 5 of the most important things that you should consider.


In Singapore, genetic tests are done at your discretion. However, it is noteworthy that doing this can serve as a head start for both you and your child. Checking through your family’s history may cause you to raise your brows and ask questions especially if there are family members with preexisting genetic conditions.