Expert sharing from Dr Wong BB: 5 fundamentals of breastfeeding in lie-down position




Infant safety is of utmost importance when breastfeeding in bed. Our founder, Dr Wong Boh Boi emphasizes good grasp and understanding of the breastfeeding techniques and shares her top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in the lie-down breastfeeding position!

  1. Do check your own energy level and enjoy a hot beverage in between breastfeeding to enhance milk flow.
  2. Do not lean forward and rest your hand on baby’s head during feeding as it may cause incorrect latch and occlusion, if the infant’s nostrils are too small and the mother’s breast tissues may block.
  3. Do avoid co-sleeping with your baby on the same bed while co-sleeping in the same room is encouraged.
  4. Do tuck mother’s postnatal bump outwards when breastfeeding so that there is ample space for baby to lie down with his head slightly in a sniffing position.
  5. Do not breastfeed in this position for extended period of time for fear of dozing off and collapsing onto the baby.
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