Intensive Confinement Training for Caregivers by Clinician PJ

It is a continuous learning journey once you give birth to your little one and you will require all the support you need. Gift the power of knowledge to your family members/helpers and sign up for this course! With the Baby Whisperer’s Care and guidance, everyone will be confident to stand by you and help you throughout your confinement journey


  • Equip parents, relatives, or husband with knowledge and skills in providing excellent confinement care for the mother.
  • Reduce conflict in the family due to discrepancy in practices.

Part 1: Newborn Care

  • Handling and holding of newborn child
  • Feeding and burping technique
  • Sterilization of feeding utensils
  • Bathing of baby and umbilical cord care
  • Changing of diaper and skin care
  • Understanding baby’s needs (possible causes of crying and hunger cues)

Part 2: Confinement

  • Postnatal care for mummy
  • Essentials of confinement food and TCM herbs
  • Ways to preserve the quality of food
  • Food that enhances breast milk supply
  • Sharing of authentic confinement recipes
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