Intensive Confinement Workshop for Secondary Caregivers

by Clinician PJ & Sister Lilian Pong


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Back by popular demand!

Are you seeking to provide exceptional postnatal care for the new mother in your family? Do you want to ensure a harmonious and supportive environment during the crucial confinement period? Look no further than our Intensive Confinement Workshop! Join us and acquire valuable knowledge and skills that will transform you into a confident and informed caregiver.

Becoming a parent is a continuous learning journey, and it’s crucial to have the support you need. Give the gift of knowledge to your family members and helpers by enrolling them in this course. With the guidance of the Baby Whisperer, everyone will feel confident in supporting you throughout your confinement journey.

Our workshop aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Equip participants with comprehensive knowledge of postnatal care for both the mother and newborn, enabling them to provide excellent support during the confinement period.
  • Bridge gaps in understanding and practices related to postnatal care, reducing conflicts within the family and ensuring a harmonious environment.
  • Enhance participants’ skills in preparing nutritious and flavorful confinement meals, optimizing postpartum recovery for the mother and promoting healthy development for the newborn.
  • Foster an environment of support and harmony, ensuring a positive and nurturing experience for the mother, newborn, and the entire family.


Part 1: Newborn Care by Clinician PJ
  • Handling and holding of newborn child
  • Feeding and burping technique
  • Sterilization of feeding utensils
  • Bathing of baby and umbilical cord care
  • Changing of diaper and skin care
  • Understanding baby’s needs (possible causes of crying and hunger cues)
  • First aid on choking
Part 2: Confinement by Sister Lilian
  • Postnatal care for mummy
  • Essentials of confinement food and TCM herbs
  • Ways to preserve the quality of food
  • Food that enhances breast milk supply
  • Sharing of authentic confinement recipes

Join us for the Intensive Confinement Workshop and become an invaluable source of support and care for both the new mother and newborn in your family. Together, let’s create a memorable and nurturing postnatal journey filled with love, understanding, and the joy of parenthood.

Date: Saturday, 30 March 2024
Time: 10.00 am – 5.00 pm (including 1-hour break)
Venue: Connection One, Tower 4, 167 Jalan Bukit Merah, #02-14, Singapore 150167
*Min 5 pax to start a class


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