Antenatal Classes

Mental and Physical Preparation to Becoming a Parent

4-week Course

As you await for the arrival of your bundle of joy, you may be feeling anxious and lost over what to expect. With the Baby Whisperer’s tender care, this course aims to prepare you for what to expect and to give you unique tips to handle these challenges. We will prepare you both emotionally and mentally so that you are Baby-Ready. This is a comprehensive course which is conducted over 4 detailed sessions for new parents, and are suitable for new parents who are into pregnancy from 20th week onwards.

The topics include:

  • Physical and Mental Preparation & Nutrition for Mother
  • Childbirth and Breathing Techniques
  • Baby Care
  • Breastfeeding

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1-day Crash Course

This specially-designed intensive 6 hours workshop aims to prepare you for childbirth and parenthood challenges.

In a full crash course, the topics include:

  • Physical and Mental Preparation & Nutrition for Mother
  • Childbirth and Breathing Techniques
  • Baby Care
  • Breastfeeding

This course is suitable for returning parents who need a refresher or new parents with a busy schedule and would like to learn the essential skills within 1 day.

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This workshop helps you discover how to make this intimate breastfeeding journey smoother and to help you bond with your baby better.

Daddy’s Explorer Program

With modern-day daddies taking on a more proactive role in taking care of the baby, we have specially designed an explorer program to help them prepare for the challenges ahead.

Be an expert in Infant Care

Training and Consultancy

Secondary caregivers (e.g grandparents, domestic workers, etc) will be professionally trained by Dr Wong and our Clinician PJ, to play a supportive role to the family through this journey.

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Home Visits

Home visit can be arranged to seek help and advice for breastfeeding and baby care problems in the comfort of your own home.

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Baby Care


We encourage parent-baby bonding through physical touch. This program will equip you with proper techniques and skills required at various stages of baby’s growth and development. Babies can also find relief for colic and digestive problems from massage.

Sleep Training

Set the stage for successful sleep training with practical tips.

First Aid

Children under two are at risk of choking, especially when they are teething. Saving your child’s life starts from prepping yourself with the knowledge and first aid skills

Baby-Led Weaning To Solids

Introducing solids to your baby represents a major milestone in his growing up years. Look forward to gaining simple and useful ways for your baby’s transition period with this specially crafted workshop.

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