Prenatal Yoga Classes

Welcome to Prenatal Yoga, where expectant couples come together in the comfort of our prenatal class to prepare for their parenthood journey. Get ready to be guided by our certified yoga instructor through the practical exercises.

We understand that discomfort and pain are common during pregnancy. It is important to exercise regularly to improve circulation and reduce stress. Let us help you relax, strengthen, and prepare physically and mentally to labour.

Individuals can start attending anytime as each class is standalone and not course-structured.

Prenatal Yoga Class is safe and suitable for new parents who are into pregnancy from the 20th week onwards.

Our class is designed to help:

  • Get your body into healthy alignment and avoid back pain during pregnancy
  • Alleviate common pregnancy discomforts like muscle cramps and shoulder tightness
  • Improve circulation, breathing, and reduce swelling
  • Feel more relaxed and calmer with prenatal yoga
  • Prepare your body and build stamina for labour
  • Enjoy bonding time with your baby, partner or caregiver in a welcoming, supportive environment
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