Sleep Training Workshop by Dr Wong Boh Boi

Suitable for baby around 0-4 months old. Start early for easier nights!

Embracing the arrival of a precious new baby is undoubtedly a magical time filled with joy and wonder. However, amidst the excitement, both parents and little ones can encounter unexpected sleep challenges. Are you a tired parent longing for peaceful nights and blissful sleep for both you and your little one?

Look no further! Our Sleep Training Programme is here to bring harmony back to your nights and restore the joy of well-rested days. Join us on this incredible journey as we unravel the secrets to establishing healthy sleep habits and creating a sleep routine that works like a dream.

Say goodbye to sleepless nights today and embrace the blissful nights that you and your baby deserve!

  • Maintaining healthy sleep habits as your baby grows
  • Understanding Baby Sleep Patterns
  • Circadian rhythms and their impact on sleep
  • Importance of a consistent bedtime routine
  • Transitioning from playtime to bedtime
  • Troubleshooting common sleep challenges
  • Soothing massage techniques to promote good sleep – Hands-on! (Baby should be at least 4 weeks old)

Duration: 2 hours *Duration of the class may vary slightly based on class engagement.

Follow-Up Consultation: Enjoy a complimentary 10-minute video consultation with Dr Wong to address any questions or concerns and ensure continued progress on your sleep journey.

Make your bedtime routine a pleasant experience!

This Workshop primarily focuses on providing parents with a solid foundation in understanding and implementing the fundamental principles of baby sleep training. For more complex or challenging cases, such as severe sleep disturbances, we recommend scheduling a private consultation.

*Strictly for Pregnant & New Parents ONLY.

Adult Ticket (Both Parents) | $160 

Baby Ticket (1 pax) | Free Admission

*Minimum 6 pax to start a class.

Get $20 off if you have completed our Antenatal course! Please contact us for the discount code.
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Sleep Training Workshop by Dr Wong Boh Boi - 3 Aug 2024
  • 3 August 2024
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