Weekly Antenatal Class

As you await for the arrival of your bundle of joy, you may be feeling anxious and lost over what to expect. With the Baby Whisperer’s tender care, this course aims to prepare you for what to expect and to give you unique tips to handle these challenges.

We will prepare you both emotionally and mentally so that you are Baby-Ready. This is a comprehensive course which is conducted over 4 detailed sessions for first-time parents who are into pregnancy from the 18th week and above.

As part of our holistic approach towards a healthy parenthood journey, Dr Wong highly encourage spouses to participate, learn and appreciate together in the important first steps of parenthood. All fathers are therefore highly encouraged to join in the antenatal classes with the complimentary passes.

[Note: Complimentary passes are meant for spouses and are generally not transferable to friends and relatives]

Course Content

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and preparation. Learn about the various types of placenta previa, engage in prenatal exercises tailored for expectant parents, and discover safe ways to move around during pregnancy. Explore the art of Acupoint massage, a delightful practice that aids lactation and reduces leg swelling. Delve into unique communication methods with your unborn child through touch, talk, music, and light. Uncover the secrets of healthy weight gain, essential nutrition during antenatal and postnatal periods, and the role of vital supplements like calcium, iron, and folic acid. Separate myth from truth with insights into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approaches.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of childbirth and breathing techniques. Understand the growth of the foetus, and master essential breathing techniques for a harmonious labor experience. Explore the intricate shapes of the pelvis and engage in pelvic floor exercises, including rapid muscle exercise and Kegel exercises. Navigate the signs and symptoms of labor, understand the stages and mechanisms of labor, and explore optimal positions during labor. Discover a spectrum of pain relief options to tailor your birthing experience.

This session focuses on the well-being of your newborn. You’ll gain insights into common infant health conditions like regurgitation, colic, and skin allergies or rashes. We’ll cover bathing and spa techniques, proper care for the umbilical cord, and unique approaches to soothe your baby. Understanding your baby’s cries, handling and holding your infant, diaper care, and essential first aid for infant choking will also be discussed.

This session is dedicated to feeding and nurturing your newborn. We’ll explore different types of bottles and teats, along with proper sterilization methods. Understanding the benefits of breastfeeding and the anatomy and physiology of lactation is essential. You’ll also learn about factors for successful breastfeeding, handling different types of nipples, and various breastfeeding positions. Additionally, we’ll discuss the differentiation of expressed breast milk, factors affecting lactation, and how to address common breastfeeding problems. This session also covers methods of feeding, from bottle feeding to cup and syringe feeding, and guidelines for storing expressed milk.

Duration 3 hours per session
Class Size 18 couples (Min 6 pax to start a class.)
Course Fee $499
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Event Date Status
Weekly Antenatal Class May 2024 (4-Session) by Dr Wong Boh Boi B6SA
  • 2 June 2024
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Weekly Antenatal Class May 2024 (4-Session) by Dr Wong Boh Boi B6SP
  • 2 June 2024
Sales Ended
Weekly Antenatal Class Jun 2024 (4-Session) by Dr Wong Boh Boi B7SA
  • 9 June 2024
  • 16 June 2024
  • 19 June 2024
  • 23 June 2024
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Weekly Antenatal Class Jul 2024 (4-Session) by Dr Wong Boh Boi B8SA
  • 30 June 2024
  • 7 July 2024
  • 28 July 2024
  • 31 July 2024
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Weekly Antenatal Class Jul 2024 (4-Session) by Dr Wong Boh Boi B8SP
  • 30 June 2024
  • 7 July 2024
  • 28 July 2024
  • 31 July 2024
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Pregnancy and parenting are areas that are both challenging yet delightful. The education of being prepared physically and mentally, labour and breathing techniques, newborn care and breastfeeding are all aimed towards empowering the parents to make the best decisions for both themselves and the baby. It's beneficial for first-time parents as well as those who may have specific concerns or questions about pregnancy and childbirth.

We recommend parents to enrol anytime after 18 weeks of pregnancy. If you are late in your pregnancy and cannot commit to the weekly sessions, do consider our specially crafted crash courses, where parents can gain valuable tips on labour and newborn care in one intensive session!

The topics covered are essentially the same, except that the crash course is more suitable for those seeking a quick refresher or busy parents when they are unable to commit to the weekly sessions.

For the weekly sessions, each class typically lasts approximately 3 hours, spread over 4 sessions. The crash course spans approximately 8 hours, inclusive of a 1-hour lunch break.

We recommend bringing a notebook and pen for taking notes, as well as any questions or concerns you may have. Comfortable and stretchable attire is advisable to ensure ease of movement during the sessions. Always a good idea to have a good meal before attending your class.

We generally do not offer refunds or rescheduling for missed classes. We encourage parents to carefully consider their schedules before committing to the classes. However, if you have a valid reason for missing a session, such as a medical emergency or unavoidable commitment, you may email us to request a case-by-case review for the possibility of rescheduling or a refund. We will assess each situation individually and strive to accommodate your needs whenever possible. For more information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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